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Education Portal Development Services

Increase your Institutes’ Marketing with the Help of Best Education Portal Development Services

With the latest technology and trends, people have changed the way of interacting with the outer world. The main reason for this huge revolution is the internet. Nowadays, all the information related to the job, entertainment, education can be found on the internet. As a result, people stopped searching elsewhere to get the important data. In the current era, a large portion of the internet user is students and most of the time they depend on the digital data for gaining knowledge.

With the increasing demand of this digital information, new web portals are created every day. Thus, a large number of educational institutes and colleges acknowledged the need for a sophisticated and informative website to increase their business.

If you also own or work for an educational institute and want to promote it using an informative education website, then dont wait anymore. Europe Website Development is here to help you with the best Education portal development service in Europe.

Why it is Important?

Now you will think why an Education Portal Development Services is important? Is it beneficial to the education field at all? Well according to the last major survey, the majority (29%) of the digital marketing professionals rank the Education in the top of the valuable marketing investment, following by email marketing (22%) and content marketing (21%).

This stat is more than enough to get the idea why Education Web portal is important. Now, we will discuss the key point which makes the Education Portal this much popular.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Based on the typical terms used by the students, its hard to get in the top of the search result. Education Portal Developers design the portal in a way that it will always come in the first page of the Google search result.

Globally Exposure

With the growth of the internet, millions of new user are also joining the internet field every year. Portal development services help to overcome the distance between your institute and the millions of internet user. This helps the institute to get global exposure.

User-Friendly Design

New generation students are the fast consumer of online resources. Most of the time they have the urge to access a vast amount of information and compare them in a little amount of time. To meet their needs, Education Portal Development services design the education search engine to give effortless way to explore contents and compare available programs. It also provides useful contents that support the user’s expectation.

Equal Opportunities

Education portal doesn’t create any distinctions between the gender, culture, age of the students. Everyone is free to access all and also get the same chances and information.

Equal Footing

Education portals position an institution’s profile in front of users in the same way the universities students does. Which means the size of the organization doesn’t matter to the education portals. They gave equal footing to both big and small educational organizations to present their programs.

Long-Term Investment at Cheap Price

The education portals give the great result to the institutions year after year because of the search engine ranking building over time. Even though the importance of the education portal increasing in every passing day but the cost of the services remains the same.

If we compare it with the other online marketing method like paid ads or traditional marketing, then education portal is definitely cheaper if we consider the cost per acquisition for long-term uses.

Analytical Tools

Nowadays, the advanced education portals come with the best analytical tool to access the monitor data, result, and other stuff. It helps to track the marketing campaigns of the institution in terms of referral traffic from click-through at any time. Some online portals also provide tracking tools to allow the admin of the institute to track a student journey or enroll students with high potential.

All Digital Services in One Package

Education portal is not only about listing a bunch of universities or institute programs in an organized manner. It also comes with marketing content that matches with the perspective, students’ personas, and which includes targeted emailing and display advertising. This all-in-one package help universities to reach out the right students.

Few Things an Education Portal Must Contain

We already know why the education portal is important and what features they have. But there are some parameters online portals must maintain to provide best services to student and help the institution to do better marketing. Below we mention those parameters so that you can choose the best services for your institution.

Intuitive Design

An education portal must design in keeping in the mind what the user wants to accomplish and should not be a challenge to navigate. Every effort should be made to let the user to the information quickly and It also should maintain to current web standards and should be tested through substantial usability.

The most important thing during making an education portal is to make it as simple as possible. Most of the head of the institute want to include as much content as possible in their portal but this type of approach makes the design of the portal complicated for the student/user.

Separate Dashboard According to the User Role

The next thing an Education portal must contain is a separate dashboard according to the user role (Teachers, Students, Parents, Admin e.t.c). This way you can eliminate the clutter in the portal. The different dashboard will provide different information and experience to the user which substantially reduce the confusion. This function will be also cost-effective compared to making different portals for individual roles.

Mobile Compatibility

Making an Education portal Which is compatible with smartphones is no longer an option. It is a must. With the growth of internet usage via mobile, people also want to access their school portals with its full functionality (which they get in desktop), through their phones. That’s why the portal must be designed in a way that it can support in the small screen of mobile.

Communication System

Other than finding information about the institution, students also want a medium to communicate with teacher and student. That’s why some inbuilt features like Instant messaging, Forum board, and the chat room also become an important part of Education portal to give quality services to the user.

Well Constructed Tablets

One common mistake which education institution made is wrong ignoring table construction and process of form submission. The online form submission process should be easy in the portal.  Also, it needs to be clean and attractive because user submitted lots of information through from.

In case of table, it should be polished and professional to display a lot of information at the same time. Other than that, it should be easy to read. Otherwise, a poorly formatted table make thing complicated for the user. Especially, when the user is using mobile to view it.

Why Choosing Europe Website Development for Portal Development Services

We are specialized in offering the well planned and well-designed website with all the useful information. We can understand the conveying the education with the help of the internet is an important task. Thus, we create and design informative education portals with the help of all the modern feature to make it user-friendly and flexible. Also, we design the web page in a way that it can hook any student into it. To sum it up, we provide the below services to satisfy our clients:

  • Provide an Admin panel which will help the faculty members to modify any information in the web portal.
  • To easily notice the upcoming education events a well-designed activity calendar is provided.
  • We provide a feedback column so that the student can freely clarify their problem and give feedback.
  • A well-managed gallery is also included in the web portal for easy access to the information.
  • Provide a specialized column for reviews and updates and a sign in the option to enter these portals.
  • A news feed column is provided to the admin to informs about all the job opening news in other institutions.
  • We provide a safe and secure payment section for easy payment through online by students.
  • A well-designed e-learning portal provided for the exam and test assessment, base on the institution course module.
  • We give the best services at affordable prices compare to other Education portal development company in Europe.
  • We provide customized application and advanced web technologies to boost the web portal through notification and alerts.

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