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Web Portal Development Services

Opt for the Best Web Portal Development Services in Europe

A web portal is a platform where you can gather all the information that you collect from various organizations and sources. On one single page, they exhibit the information that they accumulated from search engines, online forums and every kind of platforms related to the topic. From a single web portal, you can have a variety of information from articles, vendors, suppliers to individuals. You have to log into the web portal to make your own account. It differs from any of normal websites in every manner. You can get customized and personalized information in a user-friendly manner.

The variation of web portals in the market is many in number. There are web portals like official portals, government portals, corporate portals etc. As per your requirement, you can create designated web portals if you deal with finance and online bidding. We, at Europe Website Development, can fulfill your needs if you want to make a web portal. We can help you in every way to get perfect web portal development services in Europe as we are a leading Web Portal Development Company in Europe.

Different Web Portals and Their Benefits

There are mainly two kinds of web portals. One is the B2C portals and the other is B2B portals. These two portals have sub-categories and sub-portals under them. To increase sales, these portals create traffic and turn them into potential customers.

B2C Portal

B2C portal gives you a range of benefits such as:

  • personalized recommendations
  • account, purchase and payment history review
  • reporting and statistics, and more
  • announcements about service provision changes
  • advanced order placement (e.g. custom services created with user participation)
  • order and service management (e.g. deactivating a service)
  • wide choice of secure payment options

From our experts at Europe Website Development, you will get rich industry experience. Because of the B2C portal capabilities, you will receive a convenient and appealing interface with cutting-edge technology from us.

B2B Portal:

Along with saving costs, B2B Portal provides a great streamline online sales, customer satisfaction with a comprehensive customer self-service. For every member of a customer’s buying center, our B2B portals have powerful tools that allow you multiple logins. The benefits of the B2B portals are stated below:

  • Automated price calculation depending on volume, promotions and delivery deadline
  • Easy (re)ordering tools, customized product descriptions, and product comparisons
  • End customers’ purchasing managers to place, track orders, manage services, report satisfaction etc.
  • To check balance, statuses of invoices and payments.
  • Customer account-based content personalization.
  • To access your guides and other technical resources, report problems and get the help, we provide end customers technical specialists
  • With these qualities, you can beat the high competition. Our B2B portals will help you in every way to keep a distance from the service centers.

Vendor Portal:

You can exchange information directly with the help of our vendor portals. Our vendor portals will give you excellent support and they are stated below:

  • inquiries about payments and invoice statuses
  • direct electronic invoice submission
  • statistics about previous purchases and supplies.
  • search for and on-portal acceptance of open purchase orders (POs)
  • delivery dates setup and updates
  • claims settlement
  • role-based access control
  • information and verifications’ submission, as well as profile details’ updates by vendors

Our Vendor portals allow all departments’ involvement as it helps you to get all the information quickly.

Learning Portal:

From the learning portals developed by Europe Website Development, our users get benefitted largely whether they are a governmental or private educational organization. We provide a perfect portal keeping in mind the best interest of customers and trainers both for the individual learners and business. Have a look at what you can expect from us:

  • Training providers to facilitate the administration of training, manage the client base and efficiently deliver the learning materials
  • Tutees to select and follow an educational path, avoiding double learning by completing a tailored program based on their previous knowledge and specific requirements
  • Business customers to connect with training providers, get access to courses, allocate individualized training plans to employees and monitor their progress

Why Choose Europe Website Development?

Our Web Portal development services help you to increase sales and we always create unique and attractive web portals for our customers.

User Engagement:

  • Straightforward website navigation, thanks to well-structured information architecture and a strong search functionality
  • APIs for integration with mobile apps
  • Media-rich pages displaying embedded media uploaded directly or hosted via YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites
  • Mobile-friendly, adaptive design with a unified look and feel across all screens
  • Interactive tools like feedback forms, calculators, personal cabinets and so on
  • Content personalization based on the users’ roles and interaction history


  • We have several years of experience in security intelligence to defend your data and protect users from unauthorized access, fraud and other threats
  • High performance to ensure users can access the content and tools quickly
  • Scalability to handle the growing number of users and data

Easy Content Management:

  • Unified content publishing styles to bring order to information and ensure integrity during the portal updates
  • Non-technical users can update the content easily and regularly
  • All types of content pages: searchable product/service catalogs, real-time pricing and inventory viewing, multimedia galleries, e-cabinets, blogs and so on

Therefore, contact us in your hour of need by dialing our helpline number[       ]. We will be glad to provide you with class-apart web portal development services in Europe at a highly affordable rate.